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The Rafaelo Procedure Australia




What is the Rafaelo Procedure?


The Rafaelo Procedure is a relatively new treatment that utilises safe and reliable radio frequency technology to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate, the common symptoms of internal (Grade 1-3) haemorrhoids. Similar technology has been used successfully for many years to treat varicose veins in the legs, and this has now been adapted and modified for the treatment of haemorrhoids by the insertion of a special needle probe into the haemorrhoidal cushion, through which radio frequency energy is applied, aiming to restrict its blood supply causing it to necrose and fall away, relieving the patient of their symptoms.



What are the benefits of The Rafaelo Procedure?


The benefits of The Rafaelo Procedure are that it is a minimally-invasive, day case procedure, which typically takes no longer than 15 minutes to perform. It can be carried out using only local anaesthetic (although some patients may choose to have a mild sedative, or even a general anaesthetic). Most patients report very little pain or discomfort, and as a result the post-operative recovery time is very short.



Is The Rafaelo Procedure safe and effective?


Rafaelo is a revolutionary safe and effective treatment for the immediate removal of hemorrhoids under local anesthesia, which is an advantage for the patient
This unique procedure is already being applied in several other countries. many patients have already been successfully treated with remarkable results and without known recurrence of symptoms.


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