Arthroscopy Tools

Arthroscopic Handheld Instruments

  • Premium line of handheld instruments for arthroscopic and general surgery
  • Excellent value for money instrument option
  • Detailed engineering and craftsmanship
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship


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Velocity IFU Hand Instruments





Forerunner Medical


Forerunner RF Plasma Electrodes for Arthroscopy are high quality, high performance RF probes that equal all the other brands in handling and performance.  The compatible Forerunner Generator is an easy plug and play system.

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Looking for a better way to manage suction tools during Arthroscopy? Our great value for money suction tube system provides multiple tubes to accommodate multiple suction instruments in the sterile field and connects with one tube to the suction source! Optimise your suction capability, minimise water and fluid on the floor, and keep everything organised and connected.


A low-cost alternative to multiple tubes lying over the patient and constant swapping over of suction instruments.


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Hydra Instruction PDF


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