EDA Training Course

  • In-depth training in the Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) approach to THA
  • Learn the advantages of using the Gripper and EsySuit Drape for your DAA cases
  • Standard and Advanced training options available
  • Fully prepares you to take off with the EDA THA in your own operating room within 3-4 weeks





The Gripper

  • Enables surgeons to perform an operation with fewer people in the OR
  • Self-retracting, stable and versatile under even the most demanding circumstances
  • Allows superior visibility on the operational field
  • Tested to forces up to 90N making it applicable in nearly every setting


 EsySuit- Convenient All-in-One Draping Solution for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement
EsySuit for Direct Anterior Approach and Bi-lateral Total Knee Replacement

  • Developed to minimise the risk of patient contamination
  • Swift draping procedure ensure less handing required
  • Uses high quality materials so it can withstand the most challenging cases
  • Less drape is required: 9m2 compared to the industry standard 25m2







 EsySuit - Lateral